Some health conditions that might lead to gynecomastia


Our bodies are integrated systems. Different organs and tissues work together to keep us healthy and breathing for the many years we are lucky to live on earth. If it happens that one of the organs malfunctions, the rest of the systems will be affected in one way or the other. Gynecomastia is a condition that will arise due to several causes. The main reason for its occurrence is however the hormonal imbalance. Hormones are the messengers that carry around the instructions to the body tissues as to how they should develop. In addition, they also control other processes including fertilization, digestion etc. In men, testosterone is the main hormone entrusted with all the body processes. Oestrogen on the other hand works for the ladies. There are certain health conditions that might cause a defect in how these hormones flow in our systems. Gynecomastia might then come as an effect of that. Let’s look at some of the conditions.

  1. Aging effects

Aging is the process through which the body gets old. So many malfunctions of the organs and tissues occur during these periods. There are so many challenges that face the body. Only the strong are able to survive through these ages into their twilight ages. Hormones being necessities during processes like growth in babies become less important. The body then produces them in reduced concentration unlike there before. Testosterone in men is hence reduced with age. Oestrogen hormone can therefore find its way to the throne. The effects of this is the man displaying some feminine features. Overweight men especially are the victims mostly here.

  1. Kidney failure

The kidney might be a small organ but very vital for normal body functionality. It is responsible for the cleaning of the body by getting rid of the dirt. On top of that, there are also hormonal balance roles that are entrusted to it. Without the proper functioning of the kidney, the hormonal balance responsibilities are in vain. Patients who suffer kidney failure are often potential candidates of gynecomastia. Big boobs is a defect that comes out of the imbalances between testosterone and oestrogen. Hemodialysis will often result to gynecomastia. Previous results have shown that about half of the patients end up with big boobs.

  1. Hypogonadism

This is a condition that arises as a result of low testosterone. That is the same condition that leads to gynecomastia. With one of these, you automatically have the other. Pituitary insufficiency and klinefelter syndrome are among the conditions under this category leading to big boobs.

  1. Starvation and malnutrition

All the active agents in the body come from the food we eat. Lack of enough foods and nutrients in the body does not only cause diseases but also reduction of hormone production. Testosterone going down in such times will leave oestrogen exercise the power illegally bringing menace with it.

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